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Your Pleasure is Your Power

Sensuality | Ceremony | Self-Love


Are you ready to be join the Muse Tribe?


Join Hannah Marie Muse, with special guest Josh Crews, on a tantric cacao & sound healing journey that will open your heart, get you connected to your bodies wisdom, and leave you feeling so deeply fulfilled and nourished through intimate and authentic connections within your community. Ride the wave of your breath into deeply healing states of consciousness and then Ride the wave of crystal bowls into clarity!


Elemental Priestess

You, my sister, are an ancient soul living in a modern world. Earth your body, water your blood. Air your breath, and fire your spirit. Born as a daughter of the Earth - you sense the true miracle of life and are ready to live your life in great reverence. As you step into your power you inspire others to to be empowered and live a rich life, in harmony with the Earth. It is time and you are ready. Reconnect to your heart to find the magic of life flows through you effortlessly. It is time for you to wake up to your pleasure and your power and use your magic to bring harmony to the planet again.


Reiki Love

Immersive Reiki Attunement

You have reached a new level of self-awareness and realize that you truly are your own healer. Welcome home. This month long Immersive Reiki Attunement is a loving first step on the journey to becoming a Master of Unconditional Love. Reiki is an alternative healing modality that supports emotional and physical well-being. Using Reiki improves your life and all of those around you because you are choosing to be more love. This month long journey supports you in clearing old energies from the body so that you can hold a higher frequency!
Give yourself and all the people you interact with the greatest gift: self-love and
empowerment! Reiki truly is a gift that keeps on giving.


Career Minded

Care Packages for the Men & Women of the Corporate World

You work a lot. You traded in the 40 hour work week for a 60 hour work week because you care about your company and are on the fast track to success. You know you’re creating great change and yet.. you need some self-care support.

Care-packages for the Career Minded are a 3-6 month investment in YOUR mental, physical,and emotional health. Each package is created with your particular needs in mind. Massage, breath-work, energy work, organization.. Hannah has an incredible ability to create a peaceful space and offers you the tools to maintain balance in all areas of your life. Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Vitality.

With Hannah Marie at your service you are sure to breathe easier, handle stress in a whole new way, and feel more confident every moment at the office, and beyond.



Clarity. Higher Perspective. Unconditional Love. Support. These are qualities that the Akasha provide. Akasha in Hinduism is used to mean the essence of everything that exists in the material world. The Akasha is a cosmic, living library of all the past, present, and infinite future possibilities! Through Akashic Reading sessions you are given the opportunity to ask heart-felt questions in order to live a fuller, more harmonious life. Allow the compassionate and highly healing energy of the Akasha to wash over your body and align you with your path of most ease and grace.


Embody Your Bliss

Your smile and happy heart is the greatest give you can give to the world. Reach out to Hannah today to discuss the how she can support you in living a life that is fully of pleasure, play, and intuitive connection! You are the Queen of your world. It’s time you live that way.