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Are you eager to immerse yourself in the ancient future practices of Yoga and Ritual Dance? Join me in celebrating your Body.

Radiantly Alive - Spacious - Free

I had been running 13 miles a day for years. My knees were shot and my body exhausted. I loved to move and work out but I hadn’t found a program that was giving me the energy and strength I desired. I knew how to ‘go, go, go,’ and I was ready to find new ways to slow down and be.

When I found yoga my world transformed. This practice that inspired me to work diligently and with great discipline also gave me the freedom to flow and dance throughout each of the postures, and life. What I originally thought was just another ‘fitness opportunity,’ quickly proved to be a whole new and improved way of living. It was love at first sun salutation and I’ve been practicing daily ever sense. With the gentle and strengthening practice of yoga my knees began to heal, my posture got better, I grew more confident, and an aura of peace surrounded me. All the damage from years spent running was quickly reversed. My body grew flexible and maintained strength, while my mind got quieter and my heart’s compassion became greater.

Yoga is a practice of Inner Union.

Yoga gently brings the Mind, Body, and Spirit back to Harmony.

Harmony allows life to unfold in Ease & Grace.

Yoga is a practice that includes much more than just the asana practice. It is a path that supports living in integrity with the truth of who you are - and that is perfect, divine love. This 8 - limbed path is a great addition to any sort of lifestyle. It teachers patience, non-violence, kindness, and meditation. With a constant yoga practice you are able to become the observer of your life rather and open up to more pleasure! With the practice of yoga you can steady your mind, strengthen your body, and feel your spirit soar!

4 Month Yogini Mentorship

In this 16 week immersion you will go on a journey using the body as your guide. Perfect for the new yogini, this program allows you to learn the basic practice of yoga with an incredible amount of fun flair. Each week I teach you a physical practice that aligns with the spiritual aspect of the body. The following week there is journal prompts and an opportunity for you to start creating your own personal practice. There is so much to be gained for exploring yoga with an instructor while also honoring the greatest instructor you can ever trust: you. There is incredible and innate wisdom within you. Each posture in yoga encourages a particular state of being. Using the different postures with meditations and music I will guide you into an higher state of consciousness. The body truly is an instrument and you are capable of using it as a transformative tool. Each class will be tailored to support you in learning about the physical practice and the spiritual practice of yoga. Take the journey of grounding into your body so that you can Rise into your Personal Heaven!

Each week we have a personal practice online or in person.

The following week I support you in learning about the corresponding spiritual aspect, guide you through meditations and offer journal prompts before we practice again with more depth. You are encouraged to get creative with the practices throughout the week and start to create your own meditations.

4 month Yogini Mentorship is crafted in tender care and accordance to meet you where you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This course is 1-1 and offers you a deeply transformative experience through getting to know and love ones true self. Using playful postures and a feminine flair - you will experience a deep connection to your authentic and joyful nature. It is an honor and privilege to walk you through this divine initiation of remembrance. You are more than just a body - you are a beautiful soul!

Package includes:

  • Consultation

  • Weekly Yoga Classes (online or in person depending on our location)

  • Spiritual Satsang (lecture on Spiritual aspects of Yoga, Meditation)

  • Journal Prompts

  • Akashic Support - Channeling Sessions for living in Clarity and Compassion

Reach out to see if we are a perfect fit for working together!

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