Celebration of the Modern Muse

This whole universe is a path of liberation,

a vast arena for your endless play.

Playing, let your awareness be everywhere at once.

Planets, stars, swirling galaxies, subatomic motes —

All are dancing within you.

Enter the Rhythm,

Descent into the space between beats.

Dissolve into intimacy with the Dancing One.

— Radiant Sutras 33

Oh wild and beautiful woman, come back to your body and let her pleasure guide you through life. In the art of Tantra we are taught that all of life is an opportunity to awaken. Enlightenment is not ‘out there’ and there is no need to renounce the physical - the body is a vehicle for the divine!


Shakti Activation

A bodywork session that awakens your temple body to pleasure, play, and all things juicy and sensual.

Are you ready to awaken your dormant eroticism in a sacred space of exploration?

Have you had your boundaries breached in the bedroom before? Have you noticed you’re not as excitable and turned-on by life, your self, or your partner? Sister, get out of your head and into your HEART. Let your body guide you back to living life in a wonderful way.

This session is specifically cultivated to get all five of your senses reawakened. Remember how to receive in safe and consensual, decadent ways. You deserve Pleasure - it is your Power. With an opportunity to clearly communicate and set boundaries, YOU are encouraged to receive in a way that is empowering. This sessions helps women heal from past traumas and takes them on a journey to better understand their personal likes and dislikes around sensuality and sexuality. The fastest way to feeling fiercely feminine and emanating that glorious glow you seek is through exploring and LOVING your body.

The Session

  • Consultation

  • 2 Hour session

  • Post-Session Integration Call

Yoni Puja

A puja is a ceremony in the tantric lineage that celebrates the divine in any form. There are many ways to practice pujas, and many things to create a puja around, such as: partnerships, forgiveness, love, intercourse. This particular puja is to celebrate the magnificence of womanhood.

Celebrating the beauty of your magical yoni portal through honoring her with milk, honey, flowers, and prayer. Ceremony to celebrate the divine lotus of life - where women birth both their children and their dreams. This puja is great if you are ready to be more comfortable in your body, birth a business, or a child. It is also very helpful to rid yourself of any ex-partners and pain - energetically or physically.

Get comfortable with your sexuality through guided meditations that release shame and guilt around being a sexual and empowered woman.

Practiced being adored as the Goddess that you are so that you can teach your partner how to honestly and authentically touch you.

Remember your absolute worth and divinity.

Enjoy this healing on it’s own as a Ceremonial Rite of Passage into Self-Love or combine with Sensational Sensorium for a full day of delight.

Inquire about Private Yoni Pujas for you and your girlfriends! It’s a blast to share this sacred space with your sisters before during Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, and more!


Inner Alchemy Experience

A deeply healing bodywork session that includes massaging the hips and pelvis to release any stored tension, pain, and stagnant energy. This is a fantastic way to reawaken ALL of your self to more pleasure. As women, we often times hold energetic affirmations (good or bad) from our past partners. Using this ancient modality you are gifted freedom from the past. Release the tense cellular memories that are not serving you anymore and step into your perfect presence and power. This sacred ceremony is carefully crafted to keep you present to the NOW moment so that you can experience the fullness of your life and yourself.

Are you truly connected to the wisdom of your body?

Maybe you have a hunch that more is possible - you are ready for more pleasure and are up to let go of what is holding you back from that.

These somatic sessions are life changing. You are not responsible for the past hardships you acquired but you are responsible for your own pleasure and passion NOW. Through this ancient art you will be fully supported in a sacred space so that you can feel and awaken to greater peaks and valleys of explosive celebration. Allow me to uplift and celebrate you with this ancient art and instantly notice the spaciousness in your body and heart. Witness the transformation of your whole life through this miracle session — when you give yourself the pleasure and permission you desire - you will see changes in the world outside you because of your new ability to receive!

Package 1 -

  • Consultation

  • 2-3 hour bodywork session

  • Loving Self-Care Practices for home

  • Post-Session Integration Exploration Call

Package 2 -

This package is best for the modern muse who is really ready to receive MORE in all aspects of life. Release years of shame, guilt, and repression - awaken to life as a celebration in the most luxurious way.

  • Consultation

  • 2 online meditation sessions before bodywork

  • 2-3 hour bodywork session

  • Loving Self-Care Practices for home

  • Post-Session Integration Exploration Call

    Pussy Power Photos

    After all of this celebratory ceremony it is time to take some pussy empowered photos! Decorate your delightful bits in lingerie or delight in a flower mandala around your sacred orchid and document her beauty so you can gaze upon your goodness for years to come.

    Enjoy this experience on its own as an artistic expression of creativity or ask about adding it onto another experience.



Are you ready to blossom, Beautiful?




Sister, the time of learning through pain is over. Release the outdated stories held within your body and let your inner radiance shine brightly once more. Make space for new life, new love, and new dreams to cultivate in the garden of your heart.

Pleasure is the portal to you living your most Passion and Purpose Filled Life.

Join me in the journey of a life time as we walk together - hand in hand - back home to your heart. As a channel of Love and an Emissary of the Divine Feminine it is my absolute honor to witness your reawakening to the Goddess within.

womens ceremony.jpg

It is proven that women spending time with women brings a sparkle to their eye and a particularly delightful radiance to their skin… Join me for your private sessions or come to one of my many Women’s Workshops to be surrounded by other Female Leaders who are changing the way Woman everywhere show up and share their voices!