Hannah created the most beautiful ceremony to honor the union of 2 of my best friends. I couldn’t imagine a better person to lead these 2 through one of the most special days of their life. She held sacred space for not only them, but a diverse range of wedding attendees who varied in their spiritual beliefs and practices. It didn’t seem to matter at all. Everyone appreciated the ceremony and afterwards remarked on how beautiful, touching and moving it was. There was an air of calmness, intention, groundedness, spirituality, magic and love as Hannah led us all through a meditation, spoke words about the divine Union and performed a cacao ceremony for the happy couple. It set the perfect tone for a beautiful evening and ended up being exactly what my dear friends were looking for in a ceremony. We’re all so grateful that Hannah was a part of this special day!!
— Courtney of Soul Remembering for Malyssa & Jody's Wedding
I truly think I could write a short novel filled with chapters covering the many ways Hannah has impacted myself and my family. She did a workshop with our daughters of our recently blended family. She incorporated us into this time as well building love, support and understanding. My husband and I also worked one on one with her bringing about new insight and breaking down barriers to intimacy that have resulted from years of unhealthy relationships and childhood baggage. She gave us tangible tools and wisdom to be more present and loving to ourselves and each other.

Our daughters said “she talked to us as if we were friends” and always had positive responses for them. They also said she was supportive and lots of fun to be around. It has been a couple weeks and they still talk about their time with her warmly.

There is an immediate feeling of comfort upon meeting Hannah. She beams with light, love and authenticity. She has wisdom beyond her years and an energy that is contagious. I am so grateful to have worked with Hannah!
— Mary Moodey, Costa Rica - Rites of Passage & Cacao

Hannah is a great person. You will feel her devine energy as soon as you meet her. Upon arriving at her yoga class, you will feel renewed and loved. It will be like entering a different part of your Soul, where you can love yourself and everybody else just as you and they are. For me doing yoga with Hannah was very heart opening and it showed me a way to this loving part of my soul. I could’ve embraced the whole world. Her happy and energetic personality produces an aura of good feelings all around her and made me sign in for a cacao ceremony guided by her. I entered even though I did not know what to expect and I was rewarded. In those 3 hours I felt like being born again. I made very important decisions while being entranced by her voice, by her devine energy and by her cacao. I found my deepest worries and my deepest sorrows, but I was given the chance to let go of them in a fire ceremony. And I found my deepest longings and my deepest happiness and I was given the chance to embrace and cherish them and to continue my life according to them.

Hannah you changed my world. Because of you my life is different now. Thanks to you I could find my own happiness and my own devine energy and I train them every day. And if it doesn’t work the way I want it I remember you, because you are one of my biggest role models.
— Sebastian Hutter, Switzerland - Yoga & Cacao Ceremony

I recall years ago I was comfortable with myself, in my skin, with no shame. I made time to enjoy, to hug, to cherish life. Fast forward to the current day and I seemed to lack that same motivation I once had. Day in and day out, I felt like I had to project a certain image and could not be authentic. In fact, I felt ashamed of the person that I had hidden and suppressed. I researched what could help. I came across Hannah and became intrigued. The more we communicated over the web, I felt a strong sense of integrity and warmth, which is rare in this day and age to find - virtually at that! So, I decided to take her up on her offer to begin a new journey.

Upon arrival, needless to say, I was anxious. However, that all lifted away once we finally met in person. The comfortability, the warmth and openness, and absence of judgment was freeing and welcomed. The breath work was amazing and peaceful; the aroma and guidance made the experience celestial. The bodywork was absolutely and undoubtedly marvelous and divine. What was most beneficial was the ability to be completely open, honest, and comfortable with who we were and in my own skin. I took many lessons away that I started applying in my daily life within hours! This was such a spiritually mystical experience - utterly and blissfully ambrosial. In the end, I was at peace - covered in a blanket with my eyes closed finding what seemed to be eternally elusive pacification. I can’t wait to do this again! Hannah is such a wonderful human and such a tremendous soul. The connection made just felt so natural. I highly recommend a session! The talents and ease in connecting are unmatched!
— Rolando, Chicago - SelfLove Ceremony

I was beyond stressed out at work and it was affecting my marriage really poorly. I found Hannah and after some emails immediately signed up for a five session package to work on my erectile dysfunction and reconnect to my wife in a better way. The work that I did with Hannah changed my life! My wife and I found that passion again, my dysfunction is nearly gone, and I have so many new tools to stay peaceful and present. Hannah shared new things with me I’d never experienced before like cacao ceremonies and bathing rituals, too. It was such a special experience that I’ll always remember as a pivotal time for my growth. I’m so grateful for working with her! Really flexible with session appointments and supportive throughout the whole time.
— Phillip & Sarah