Muse Life

Curious what it’s like living the Muse Life? Well, if you’re new around here let me shine some light on the situation. Muses are made to inspire. They are channels for divine grace and loving wisdom to flow through. They are lighthouses for many and inspire all those around them to walk the way of beauty.

The way of the Muse is Grace, Godliness, and Gratitude.

Every Muse is Meditated (better than medicated) and THAT allows her to Manifest her desires playfully.

Are you ready to step into your Muse Life? It’s Summer Time and the feeling is FINE so why not get on the Must Tribe Train and start to coast through life the way you were born to?

Life is but a dream.

This 6 week immersion is all virtual so you can join anywhere!

We meet once a week to discuss meditation and manifestation tools that will seriously shift your life from boring and drab to inspiring and fab!

I love it~ You’ll love it! and You’ll be so incredibly satisfied that you’ll never look back again. Take these tools and share ‘em. You will want to have all your friends vibrating at the same frequency of YUM with you, trust me.

Go ahead and click the Let’s Talk button so we can discuss where you’re at and where you wanna be. Because you DESERVE IT MUSE! Get your shine on with me!


Zen is a state of mind that can easily be cultivated through a few simple tips and tricks.

Modern Muse: You were made to live a life that is drama and stress free.

How can you manifest your dream reality from a place of tension? No more are you succumbing to the smoke and mirrors of suffering.

Elevate your awareness and consciousness with me in this intimate container where we’ll go deep into ancient rituals and ways to stay calm—

So you can stay Fierce. <3


I was sitting at the hair salon, about to get my hair blown out and curled. I hadn’t done anything like this in months so when I actually got there and started relaxing I realized just how much I had missed it..

Then: BOOM!

I signed a VIP client and had over 1K sent to my account for a mini - empowerment playdate.

Now this story isn’t about the money - it’s about the frequency.

That’s how it works. Life can only let the good in when we are on the wavelength to receive it.

When YOU, my muse, align with the vibration of ease and grace, you receive easily and gracefully.

This course is a great way for anyone on their new spiritual journey who is ready to remember their powerful ability to manifest! You are about to realize a lot of power, babe. That’s why we Meditate first to make sure you use that power wisely ;)

We’ll figure out what it takes for you to get into the receptive mode so you can receive, receive, receive!

I’ve got all the goods to help you meditate yourself into a place of receiving.. and then manifest your dream life.

You in? I feel a fully body yes! Contact me today to see if you’re a good fit for this online course.

5 spots - weekly virtual meetups - surprise guest speakers! and a lot of summery fun are in store for you, my love.