May 9-30th

Sexuality, Sovereignty, & Sisterhood

Every Thursday beginning March 9th, we come together in a Sacred Container to be seen, supported, and celebrated by other powerful women in your community.

Are you feeling like you are ready to grow into your fullest expression? Ready to reconnect to your pleasure? Perhaps you’ve experienced some pain and haven’t had anyone to share your experiences with, so they are bottled up inside of you just yearning to be exposed in the sun.

Let me remind you that life is meant to be juicy and fun. You are creator of your world.. are you ready to add some sensual spice?

This month’s salon around sexuality, sovereignty, & sisterhood is the perfect place to shed some light on your pleasure, desires, and independence. We come together in sisterhood to remember that we are not alone - and that we are all here to expand into the best possible version of ourselves. Which, trust me, is having fun and living a life of delight.



Are you ready to feel more freedom than ever before? Freedom to LOVE your body, your TRUTH, and Your desires?!

How often, as a woman, do you find yourself muting your truth in order to make other people comfortable? Are you sharing vulnerably? Has your story been heard? In this months Women’s Salon we will have space to share all the Up’s and Down’s - painful stories and triumphant successes - around sexuality and sisterhood and how to drop deeper into the heart in order to be more authentic and supportive of one another.

Support yourself through weekly meditations, hands on practices that will allow you to feel more confident in who you are, and remember your inherent beauty and power. Self - Love starts with you. We will support each other through loving and accepting ourselves fully.


Each week we will gently open up to each other in nurturing ways - learning self-care and self-pleasure practices that will support you in allowing your magnetic femininity to be felt from around the world. See and hold your self and your sisters in a way that allows for deep healing. Experience heartfelt connections that transcend space and time. Be Fully Seen and Accepted for all that You are!

At the end of May you will feel radiantly alive, confident in your sensual self, and supported by a group of gorgeous women you can now call your friends. If you are looking to open up to more pleasure in your life, to more community, and to more play - sign up now for the full month of classes!

Week 1 - Share - Meet each other and discover all the commonalities between you and your Tribe

Week 2 - Stories of the Past and Preparing for the Future

Week 3 - Self - Love through Cacao & Consensuality and Aligning with your Desires

Week 4 - Self - Pleasure and Celebrating your body and your sisters!

$111 for four classes - Paid up-front and in Full before May1st

$200 for you and a sister*friend who sign up and pay in Full before May 1st

$150 after May 1st

$275 for you and a sister*Friend who sign up and pay in Full after May 1st.


Venmo: @Miss-Muse

Fill out the form below and let the connection begin!