Art of Ceremony

Intention - Freedom - Reverence

Whatever stage of life you’re in, honoring yourself in sacred ceremony delineates one era to the next with great reverence and optimism as what is to come. Ceremonies have been used in many traditions to honor these transitions throughout a person's life. When properly honored, they become empowering moments of quantum growth and soul expansion. In modern times, we can grieve over the loss of a loved one, ceremonially uncouple from a relationship, or honor the celebration of a new business launch. Whatever rite of passage you are going through, we will work together and honor the path you are on through intuitive practice and unique, divine ritual.

Rites of Passages

A ceremony supports you in letting go of one role or identity in order to fully step into a new role.

Birth - First Bleed - Divine Union - Children - Conscious Uncoupling - Death

 The modern era is filled with long work days, busy commuting, stressful jobs, and outdated traditions. What if something more fulfilling was available to you? What if there was a way to celebrate more of the richness of life and to feel a deeper connection to your personal experiences, family experiences, and important community gatherings?

There are many rituals all over the world - from the Jewish Bat Mitzvah to the Navajo Blessingway - Communities use these rituals to weave together the hearts and lives of their communities so that each person can feel the golden thread of belonging and purpose. It is through ritual that we give this world sacred meaning. Allow yourself to transcend the collective preoccupation with daily tasks and step into a container that is timeless, eternal, and full of magick. When we allow ritual into our lives, whether daily or for larger transitions, we surrender to the presence of the Living Spirit and each experience is a vessel of light for the soul to soar.

Are you ready to explore the art of ritual - to reconnect to the sacredness of life?

You hold ancient and etherial wisdom waiting to be realized and shared to all you encounter.

Let us make this transition memorable through ceremony and celebration.

It is my great passion and pleasure to honour this sacred space.

Private Ceremonies

These ceremonies are perfect for you by yourself, or even a group. Having lead a multitude of ceremonies for families that are coming together after new marriages, or even memorials for pets, the possibilities are endless. Remember that ceremonies support deep transformations through the rites of passages of life! I am here to hold the sacred container for healing and holiness as one world is laid to rest and a new world rises, like a phoenix from the fire.

Elemental Priestess

For those of you ready to be initiated into the Priestess Arts, reach out to discuss the Elemental Priestess Activation. This activation awakens your inherent power and purpose while teaching you all you need to know about hosting your own women’s circles and ceremonies. A power and special 12 week immersion, this course teaches you all about the elements and how to use them in your rituals and ceremonies, what type of ceremony is important and best hosted when, and connects you to your personal womb wisdom magic.

flower ceremony!.jpg

For Private Ceremonies especially created for you and your loved ones please reach out for a clarity consultation call.