New Moon - Embracing the Shadow

As an effort to align and live in accordance to my practice of Authentic Relating and Celebrating all the Vulnerabilities of Life I have decided to take a 40 day sadhana* of sharing one thing a day that is vulnerable.

Along with my very simple spiritual practice of writing a poem a day for my book, I feel this practice will keep me transparent, and hopefully offer some of you out there solace that you are not alone (along with laughter because.. that's truly the best medicine.)

After a very powerful 4 hour Kundalini practice that shared so much around the New Moon and Eclipse season, we were informed that it was a great time to dedicate ourselves to something. So this is it. A post a day around life - Modern Musings for anyone to read and receive messages of Divine Love and Grace.

My first share is in regards to EMBRACING all aspects of self.

I met with my sisters for a beautiful new moon ceremony where we were given a writing prompt.

“Knowing I am whole, complete, and free.. I fully embrace..”
And we began writing.

Now, a lot comes up for me as I’m constantly in a state of embracing and witnessing, loving.. I’m also in a place where I’m dating again after years and fully realized that one of the things that holds me back from this process is:
Embracing my shadow. In a society where we “believe” we need to have everything all neatly wrapped up in a bow in order to be appreciated, I notice that the areas of my life that are messy or less than perfect feel like huge grooves in the record of my life.

However! With loving compassion and the grace of God, I can fully embrace these pieces and let them be the wabi sabi gold that gives me great strength and purpose.

How powerful to speak the wounds of my past in front of my sisters and be fully supported in love. How powerful to release the attachments to needing to be perfect and feel fully complete within the messiness of life.

I feel such a lightness of energy to this state of being. I feel such a lightness of life knowing that, I am not alone in my situations that make me less than perfect, and that is perfect.

As we went around the circle sharing about our families, or patterns, our behaviors that made us feel small - rather than shunning them or trying to release them

we instead held them closely into our hearts. WE held each other in a space of unconditional love and compassion. We gave our shadows a space to be seen and celebrated as portals to love and places where we can transmute pain and suffering.

So, I ask you:
What is it that you are embracing about yourself this New Moon?

What in your life are you ashamed to carry around. Stinky bits of trash that you try to sweep under the rug in order to be loved?

For me, I harbor a lot around my family. Wishing we loved each other more or that they understood me. Caring so deeply for them and feeling like I don’t get enough time with them. So I embrace that I might not ever get the support that I need from them and that is ok. I get it in other places. The lesson there has given me wings to meet more people and love in different ways - to get support from my friends who have become my family. This lesson with my blood line has inspired me to become an Authentic Relator, to dive deeply into Tantra, and to commit myself to Yoga in All Ways.

What a beautiful thing!!! So I embrace these aspects of my life and trust that I can be loved through them regardless of how I “wish” things were.

What are you embracing?

What can you love into the light with this new moon?!

How can you remember that you are already whole?!

It’s a powerful practice to come back into remembering that you are here to experience it all - to have a full spectrum life and live as love regardless of the story you were born into.

I’m happy to embrace all of you! So drop a comment below or reach out in order to be seen, celebrated, and supported in all that you are.

With love,

The Muse

*Sadhana is a spiritual practice one takes on in order to live a fully present loving life devoted to God.

Hannah Marie Muse