Adoration Puja for my Sisters

Picture this:


Sweetness in Sisterhood

as you softly surrender

your deepest fears and frustrations

to the passionate fire of Love

Undressing from what has held you back

as never felt so safe

when Loving hands and hearts

are here to hold you.

Moments of chaos 

where your inner child needs compassion

quickly turn into grace

as you breathe life into your Being

and trust your highest self to guide you

there’s a particular Mount Everest 

that can only be climbed

by You.

I’m not here to carry you up the Mountain

Just to make the journey a little bit


Ceremony supports your inner most being

in gentle relinquishing

the outdated beliefs 

old bits

that just don’t fit

into your version 2.0 (or 3.0 or 4.0…)

The journey never ends

but you..

You get wiser

and more vigilant

more loving - less angry

presence permeates your being

as you RECLAIM

the truth of who you are 

through sacred ritual


that you, my love

are on purpose

and in your power

Thank you, beloved

For choosing your highest self

to align and grow 

in pleasure


and ease.

Let the sacred warm waters nourish your truth

as the cold plunges cleanse your negative thoughts

the essence of rose in the air

reminding you it is safe to feel 

to breathe

and to receive

receive the loving touch

of the Goddess

through the sisters here to welcome 

your radiance in all ways.

Cacao flows through your heart

and you are activated in Truth

Living for your soul purpose.


I bless you

I see you

I celebrate you

I am you.

I love you.

— An adoration puja 

Powerful Poetry channels through post 3 sessions with a beautiful rising star, an actress who loves herself enough to do the inner work to fly as high as her heart desires.

What a blessing to Love in this way - to serve in this way - to support in this way. Aho <3

Hannah Marie Muse