Disclosure Fest - The Journey of Summer Soulstice

Disclosure Fest was perfectly placed the day after the Summer Soulstice here in LA.

Last Saturday, myself and hundreds of others came together to put on a festival for tens of thousands of others who were ready to celebrate in conscious ways, that summer had arrived.

For me, the festival was a huge pivotal moment in my “LA arrival.” Having just moved here a year ago, getting to talk at a festival of such caliber (both production wise and in regards to participation) was HUGE. I’ve been studying and teaching tantra for ten years. It wasn’t until recently I realized how deeply needed these things are in our society. To learn about and embody the qualities of truth and love are something each person needs more of. That’s why it’s a practice! You don’t just learn something and then get it perfectly the first time..

Wouldn’t life be boring that way? Why would we even stick around for so many years. ;) Just kidding, sort of. If you think about it though — there’s so much that goes into being a live and we circle back to the same lessons over and over again until we engrain them into our cellular DNA. Lately, I’ve been learning about letting myself be seen! So to have been gifted the opportunity to speak TWICE at the festival was a huge initiation into just that.

What do you get when you just got back from a trip to NYC that blew open your heart chakra and left you feeling deeply inspired + The Summer Soustice just activating and amplifying your love of life + celebrating and being seen by hundreds as you present on two of your favourite topics in the whole world? (Tantra and Authentic Relating!)

= Anxiety!

Hahahahaha, Honestly though it did make me really nervous! See! I’m still human.. All jest aside, I also got a lot of empowerment and feel so freaking excited about what’s to come. Which is way more tantra and even more events and way, way more private clients.. and oooh! Ooooh! yes ==> retreats! The classes were so beneficial to everyone who came and it’s inspiring to see the world getting EXCITED about living in the heart space, truly connected and intimate.

So! Although it was a bit nerve-wracking to bet on stage (how is it possible a Leo Rising still has stage fright!?) I now feel empowered and inspired to continue offering opportunities for people to learn through movement, breath, and sound.. I feel so excited about all my new private clients because we found each other through the golden thread of life!

When I got home from NYC and saw my snake had shed her skins I knew it was time for me to let some baggage go too. Snakes literally rub their dead skin off, creating friction and pressure for themselves so they can shed the dead and ugly, making space for their shiny new digs to glimmer in the sunlight.

We are like that, too. It takes pressure and friction to rub off our outdated beliefs and garb so we can embody the next level of bliss.

^^NOW — > Suffering is not required. I repeat Suffering is Not Required. Just friction and pressure.. like a delight pressure cooking whipping up some tasty treat.^^

So with that! My summer soulstice rang in with whole new worlds opening up. Truly. New levels of mastery have been achieved as I relax into the wisdom of my life and well-being. I surrender to the Divine and can one hundred percent without a doubt let myself move in loving peace towards my desires. The universe, my angels and guides, are all taking me there gracefully anyways.

This is the new base level. Sold out workshops, incredible clients, stages for poetic readings and sharing my gifts! It seemed to have happened over night, but there was a lot of work behind the scenes. ;)

How about you? What does your Summer look like? Are you ready to shed your skins or are you suffering in the friction and pressure of outdated beliefs?

Are you excited to manifest more peace, abundance, and beauty in your life? Are you ready to live your FULL YES and celebrate all that you are?

I’m signing up 5 women for a really intimate online women’s course that goes from July - end of August. Are you one of those five that’s ready to live as an Embodied Muse? Sharing her gifts with the world and inspiring all those around her with positivity and grace!? This course will contain tantric teachings, rituals to manifest more magick and miracles in your life, adventure, yoga!! POWERFUL tips and tricks to be more confident and get what YOU desire from life.. You are ready? I think so..

Contact me to see if you’re a perfect fit to play together. Let’s journey through your heart to create your dreams in reality.

I love you,


Hannah Marie Muse