NYC Pilgrimage

Travel always has a way of opening my heart. With having to get out of ones comfort zone on a trip, especially a trip with new friends, there’s always an air of possibility and magic. What was supposed to be a business trip where I met my mentor and other women in my Intuitive Business Program (Bless your soul, Kat Dever) quickly became a spiritual pilgrimage - with a full on identity transformation. Enjoy reading about my journey to New York and my personal journey back home to my sacred and unconditionally loving heart-space.

I signed up for a three month business course on a whim after meeting Kat online through my medicine woman, Rita. I was floored by this woman’s wisdom and how much I received in even just an hour’s time talking with her. I needed more. I needed to be in her course as I was actually looking for a way to share more of my gifts. I’m a true believe in the idea that what we invest in we witness more of.. so I knew investing in my company and myself was right on time.

Little did I know that what I was signing up for was much more than just a trip deeper into the realm of entrepreneurship.

Kat Dever is in incredibly intuitive woman guides females into creativity and business leadership. Her ability to support women in creating from a Feminine way of Being is what sets her a part from others.

Our course was packed with spiritual and practical wisdom that has allowed me to really stand in my power as a sensuality and ceremonial enthusiast. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that at first I was skeptical. I wanted funnels.. I wanted marketing tips!

But what I got was far beyond that. What I got was a group of 20+ women who continue to inspire and mirror to me my own value. It’s incredible what the simple act of believing in ones self can do for your company!

After being in Kat’s course for two months, getting up at 5 am to be on the calls in London by 6 am PST, and doing countless hours of “studying and daydreaming” into what my world would be like.. I finally got to meet the woman in person. Yet, it was no easy feat. When I heard Kat was coming to NYC I knew I needed to be there, yet my fear of leaving my cute next in LA, and not having enough (Blarg you scarcity mindset!) was deeply getting in my way.

Luckily, I let myself breathe into safety and found ways to make the trip work - in style~! I had such an incredible time surrendering to the universe’s master plan, met incredible new friends, stay in beautiful hotels from SOHO to TimeSquare and even went on a few dates. One night, my friend and I found a free silent disco in the middle of two streets! Talk about being blessed.. You always get what you need!

The women in the group I met with were some of the most inspiring and heart-opened goddesses I’d ever met. From airline pilots to broadway stars, bestselling authors and neo-shamanistas - I was surrounded by brilliance. It was there reflections that reminded me to stand in my own greatness. Funny how being around inspiring people inspires you to be the best version of yourself, eh? That’s why we come together to do the work, ladies! To have support and be celebrated, be seen! by the other ladies in your life. You’re going to LOVE the upcoming 8 week program Meditative and Manifesting your dream Muse Reality.

New York’s non-step energy reminded me that anyone can make it as long as they believe in themselves. For me, it encouraged me to remember my humble roots (( Ya’ll know I grew up in Indiana right?! )) and that, I’ve already had so much success in so many ways. Yea, I’m still working on making my first few million.. but I’ve also traveled the world. I’ve got friends all over the globe, nourishing relationships that inspire me to be the best person I can be everyday, and I affect the lives of my clients in ways I never imagined possible.

This year I launched a start-up company and even officiated my first wedding! What more can I ask for? Even Rome wasn’t built in a day.

New York taught me to let go and let Goddess. In moments when I thought I had done something silly or stupid I was constantly shown that my small perspective is nothing compared to Goddess’s huge vantage point of the world. One night, I canceled plans with a friend because I had been sight-seeing all day.. At first I felt shame and regret. He had planned a 5 star dinner and evening of comedy for us! Who was I to say NO to that!? But then I got my second wind, dressed up to impress myself.. and ended up getting THE LAST TICKET to a sold out Aladdin show on BROADWAY Saturday night.. and guess what? It was the last box seat. All for me. They had to ask other people in line to leave since the Universe had provided me with the last ticket.. the most special ticket of all.

It’s moments like those when I’m reminded that I’m exactly where I need to be. Held in the loving arms of a Universe much wiser than I could imagine.

Life right now is full of miracles like that. It always is!!! WE just have to be able to see them.

How is your practice? How are you connecting to the Divine Each Day? Are you living your life in gratitude or are you schlupping your way around complaining about your glass being half empty.. when clearly you could be rejoicing about all the water in your pretty crystal cup.

For me, NYC was a great reminder that good things come to those that GO OUT AND GET THEM! As much as I’d love miracles and money to fall from the sky, I actually find that they usually come through people and places and trust.. So go out there, trust your self and listen to your intuition and get what you need from a place of humility. We are all connected and uplifting each other.

If you are ready for some more magick and miracles I’m signing 5 special ladies up for my 8 week Meditative and Manifesting Muses course starting in July. We meet virtually once a week and this is a great course that will help you find peace in where you are and get you the motivation to get where you desire to go.

Because, my love! You are an inspiration to so many around you. It’s time you woke up to your personal magic and let yourself receive once in a while. Do not delay. Hit the contact me button and let’s talk about your big dreams. It’s my pleasure to celebrate you and support you, babe.



Hannah Marie Muse