Profound Practice: Yoga

Some of us are as deep as the ocean"
Wide eyed and full of wonder
Every ordinary thing that happens is a portal to
New Musings
Curiosities and

— Muse

I’d gotten out of my Yoga Practice. No.. not completely. I was still meditating and breathing every day. Going to the park to stretch and practice handstands on my favourite palm tree (he told me his name is Troy.) I had, however, stepped away from teaching my classes to finish my book and also stopped attending classes to obsessively go to Orange Theory — what can I say — I was having a blast getting my butt kicked at the gym.

We all do it.
We step away from gluten to enjoy salads more often.
We stop visiting that spot in the park so we can explore a new running trail.
We get off our yoga mats to get more involved with other aspects of Yoga like breath work and service.

I was there. After many years of teaching, facilitating, and even taking classes — I just wanted to find a new way to strength and cross train my mind, body, and spirit.

I loved it! Yea, some days I needed a longer practice and other days I didn’t give my missed 8am hot yoga class a second thought.

Until I did. There was a definitive moment where I realized — that’s what my soul is missing. Not the practice (because I was still doing yoga here and there on my own) but the rooms. I was missing the intentional communal practice of YOGA. Where you put the effort of getting on your bike and showing up in a class room with others to explore YOUR PERSONAL YOGA.


So when I restructured my schedule to make ample space for yoga, my world shifted again. Because that’s the point - our inner world creates our outer world. Yoga supports spaciousness, ease, peace.. so when I got back to the mat and the teachers - the wisdom in the rooms - I immediately felt so much better in my day to day.

If you’re going through huge shifts, or even small ones — yoga makes life so much more manageable! Pleasurable even. The wise words of the instructors often times cuts through any bullshit of life and allows for greater innerstanding.

This is an example of my yoga practice and all the ways this beautiful work supports me in living my best life off and on the mat.

Muse Life: Wisdom through YOGA
-I get to class (late, because — divine timing) so I automatically get to practice compassion. I’m late! No shame, no worry, I’m a happy and blessed being whose presence is needed. I belong where ever I choose to be, even if that’s late.
-Breath! MMM, my mind has been wandering because of dating, and life, and money.. and human. Oh yea! I’m a human and life is weird sometime. I commit FULLY to my Ujiya Breath - breath of victory - and let my body and mind only fill with the sweet hum of my breath in my throat. It’s soothing and empowering. I automatically feel like a warrior because my mind is lazer focused on one thing:
-Presence. My hands on the mat, the musculature of my body, the way my bones align. I am full presence personified. Past - gone. Present - a gorgeous mystery. I love the graceful way my body moves and my heart pumps just for me. I am the prize. I am the journey. I am live and love personified.
-Adjust. Not every asana (or posture) is the same. My left hip is tighter than my right and my arms are still gaining strength. I feel the definition of my muscles against my bones though and it reminds me I am strong.

It is this moment that the instructor feeds us a wise little nugget -

“I love seeing each of you adjust your postures every 30 seconds or so.. Adjust, settle.. Adjust, settle.”

And it finally makes sense. Life.
I had been worried because of a pattern I kept coming up on. I’d find a good flow and then feel like I fell off course.. I’d date a guy and then not desire him or things wouldn’t work out..

And its perfect. Adjust.. settle. Adjust.. settle.

In life, we are always headed towards our North Star (and if you don’t think that’s true, you are you’re just needing a little bit of time to adjust and settle into what feels good!)

So even when things don’t appear to be going how we desire - say our posture doesn’t feel right or the relationship seems to be failing.. it’s as simple as tuning into the body, mind, and spirit to adjust and then settle back into the breath. Maybe in another 30 seconds (or days or years~!) we have to do the same. We are not perfect beings just still and aligned constantly.. we feel - tune in - adjust.. and settle back into the breath.

It’s as easy as that. The posture - the desire - is always the same. The dream - the partnership - the asana - is clearly there. You are in it and you deserve it and you’re already IT! Just takes some adjusting and settling once in a while ;)

Who knew that a simple phrase about a simple yoga posture could unlock years of innerstanding for me. To recognize that life is just a mere experiment where we ask for what we desire - assume the vibration (or posture) and then continue to adjust and settle into the frequency of love.

I’m so grateful.

How profound is your practice? How easily can you communicate with the divine? How often do you assess your life and readjust to stay course.

If not now.. when? When will you give yourself permission to have it all - to be it all - to love and live as freely as you choose!

I encourage you to start now. Reach out if you need any support in your practice, your introspective assessment of where you’re at.. and the beautiful journey of getting where you desire to be.


Hannah Marie Muse