Womb Clearing and Chord Cutting

I’m hosting a beautiful new weekly women’s gathering. We’ve created an intimate temple container (otherwise known as workshop space) of sweetness, safety, and sisterhood so that each women can cultivate more of a connection to her body, her pleasure, and what it looks like to heal the wounds of separation and comparison that is plaguing our society’s women as a whole.

Week one was easy. Talk about Sexuality, Sovereignty, and Sisterhood - create trust and establish an authentic connection through realizing - no one is alone in this crazy game of life!

Life gets hard and the work is to be there for one another rather than hide behind the curtain of isolation. (Which if you’re anything like me, it took me years to wake up and get seen by people, to share my trials and tribulations. I literally grew up thinking I had to be perfect or else was not accepted. It’s a huge practice to be authentically honest and with the right people is totally possible AND fucking fun.) That’s why when we come together and share we immediately break the stigma that everything needs to be “Ok.”

We spent hours on a sheepskin rug in the back of the house sharing things that we often judged ourselves for (Which don’t need to be judged at all!) and then finding out who else in the group had done the same things. It was powerful. Most every woman had shared similar experiences and the giggles that followed from these judgement statements was so cute! Everyone had shared ups and downs - that’s being Human.

In this second week we were working with the womb.

Sexuality starts for a woman usually when she is having her first bleed. In society today there’s no real rite of passage or education around what that even means. Ok, you’re right! You can easily flip open an educational high school book and see a few photos, but really — where are woman learning about their bodies?! Where are they discovering what it means to be like with a respectful man. Who is guiding them into how sacred it is to be a woman that can birth children and make love and feel delightful pleasure over and over again?

Do you remember your first period? For me it literally included getting handed a tampon and moving on to make it to the boat house in time.

Do you remember the first time you made love. My sexual history was glittered with problematic partners, with rape, with scary set ups and unhappy mornings. So for me, the healing journey has been deeply cathartic and I am offering all women every where a space to speak up.

These are things we need. Hands on education about the female anatomy and energetic education on the importance of staying sexually well by choosing good partners. Time together in sisterhood where women can share openly whats alive for them. More ceremony around the incredible phases of life!

So we’ve started and it’s illuminating. Because when one woman heals - all women are healing collectively.

We meditated our way into connection

We used the breath of fire to clear the body.

We celebrated our wombs

We even practiced hands on healing around the yoni (that’s the sanskrit word for vagina) and did energetic healings. We listened to sexy songs, and gyrated our hips, we practiced ancient yoga healing modalities that energetically clear the womb and energetic meridians.

My sister Jolyne guided a mirror-work exercise that left each woman feeling vulnerably raw and REAL. Really connected to themselves and the truth: that some are still doing a lot of work to love themselves, and others are noticing how important spending time with their bodies are.

Then we practiced orgasmic meditations in order to get in tune with how pleasure can create deep healing. Healthy Healing — and that as a woman, you can absolutely wait for the right man and STILL be in your bliss. Yum.

And we did it all in love. In a safe container.

Each woman left so sweetly in her feminine. So touched by the gentleness of their sisters authentic sharing.. And inspired to practice more connection with themselves and each other! What monumental first day to clear and awaken to more pleasure. It was quite the experience to witness.

We are breaking through and changing what it means to be in community. And we are having a blast doing it.

If you’re curious to explore a womb clearing, guided dance meditations to enliven and awaken your body, or any of the tantric teachings I offer - reach out today. A simple hello will do and then we can move forward in a way thats comfortable and easy. These topics of Sexuality, Sovereignty, and Sisterhood are edgy. Especially because the more free you feel - the less you rely on the detrimental medications, and prescriptions, and pleasure that’s actually killing you.

I see you sister! and you have a place here with us.

Hannah Marie Muse