Soul-Union Ceremony

Consciousness and Creation

Consciousness and Creation come together to form
Boundless Love

In each moment
Are you listening?
For the union of Shiva and Shakti
Their infinite forms
Dancing together
Manifesting worlds
And visions
Beyond your wildest dreams?

Beyond space and time there’s a place where
True Love resides

In the heart -
That Timeless Presence
That passionate place
Of ebb and flow
Beat beat beating

For you
For your love
For all of the people you’ve ever LOVED
For your Twin
For your soulmate
For your vision and dream.

When two become one
One is actually three

The Masculine
And Feminine
And Togetherness

The essence of what you create together
Three new entities
Free to walk and play and laugh
To make decisions for themselves

To check in
To check out

It’s all happening.
Ownership isn’t a part of it.

Take my hand because I love me
So I can Love You

Love started it.

And we’re guiding it

The visions of ecstasy and playful glee
We’re driving it.

Two separate soul’s coming together
For an untold amount of time
To Dance and Deep Dive into what True Love means.

Love owns her experience
Love owns his triggers
Love owns her faults and my fears
Love owns their passion, their pleasure, their desire

You are not the cause of my trials or tribulations
Love seeks not to find solace in you but to use you as a mirror to know when Love can grow
And find peace Loves self

Granted your loving arms help.

Love just wants us to gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment
It’s been years
The miracle of life has lead us to each other
And we’re meeting here
Moment after moment continuing to choose us

Until maybe we don’t

But until then:
We’ve got this.

Joy has us rocking it.
I come before you in
Divine Masculinity
Divine Femininity
To see what wants to birth from our

Oh, look at the gift that True Love has given me
To love with palms open
To the highest aspect of self in each moment.

I hope this
For all
For you
Stand tall and know what is possible
To lead from a heart and palm open
To not fear or grasp at ownerships but more consciously

We’ve chosen each other and it’s open.
Without a hidden agenda
How much love have you to cultivate to truly trust
What gods written in the Master Plan
For you

Consciousness and Creativity
Come together in Divine Trinity
To explore how to love infinitely
And maybe not for infinity
But the Love will ripple out to infinity
As the lovers dance and send waves of healing
To all humanity

True Love
Loves Freely.

It’s exactly a week since my first private cacao ceremony and I’m still in bliss at the exciting visions I hold on my heart’s altar from this day. This beautiful ceremony, which blasted all heart’s open that were in attendance, was beyond a regular wedding: this ceremony brought together two beautiful souls in complete and utter union. Outside of ownership or societal norms, this ceremony was a true Rite of Passage made merely as a testament of love to show the world, nature, and Spirit, the true intentions and commitment of the Two LoveBirds, Jody & Malyssa. For me, it was a beacon of what is possible in the way of Divine Love. It was a healing balm to the outdated beliefs of tying the knot. And it was a radical statement of Loving Openly.

Growing up I was taught that you married someone and they became your EVERYTHING. Like, once wed all community and friendships were nill compared to “YOUR HUMAN.” Sounds like a lot of pressure, eh? In a world where we are fiending for connection, how silly when we expect our partners to be our everything.. On top of running their own lives, families, and hobbies.

I know I grew up thinking that was how it was. Once married nothing mattered - all growth stopped because you were legally tied together, anything could happen and you were stuck together. Didn’t work out for my parents. I’ve seen it happen a hundred times though where people get married and stop doing the work of staying happy and healthy because they feel like they “got to their goal.”

How often, in this world, do we put an agenda on things? On People? On circumstances..

”I’ll be happy when..
I’ll love him if..
She only deserves my attention because..”

When two people come together in our society there are legal documents binding them to each other - making it quite the sticky situation if lovers naturally grow apart..

Beyond the legalities of it, the truth is that those small documents create a strange and eery feel of ownerships. Even the little ring symbolized ownership of a woman to her wife back in the latter years of our society. That once you were wed you were under someone else’s rule -- “Here, take my last name.. I own you.”

Psychologically that puts a lot of pressure on each other. Partners checking in to each other for simple decisions instead of following their hearts - being guided by grace. In some cases men and women reaching out obsessively with text messages that state, “where are you, who are you with? What are you doing?” What is this Big Brother trying to watch you in scrutiny?

It’s a wild ride towards Love and to throw marriage on top of it can be a really beautiful thing. However.. What if there was a way to experience the union of two hearts - still whole on their own - coming together to uphold and delight in the light of each other?

Two hearts that know their unique individual perfection - and are interested in celebrating that they continually show up as Love for each other each day.

Two souls- coming together in union
To sing the praises of Love
That Life would have given them an opportunity to know each other physically, emotionally, spiritually.

That’s magic.

So when I was asked to stand at the altar with these two loves and share in cacao ceremony, calling in the directions-nature-their ancestors.. I was moved.

That a love like this exists and that it’s becoming easier than ever to live life in a way that’s up to you.
I began the ceremony with a meditation to bring everyone into that present and timeless place of Love- the heart.
Then we opened up the ceremony container just like any other sacred space: with the directions.

Afterwards there was a brief channeling on The Divine Masculine and Feminine, by yours truly.. And cacao ceremony intentions whispered into the delicious cacao elixir for Malyssa & Jody to drink together. Two hearts beating with each other - two souls coming together in Union - to share a life of growth and gratitude together.

I will always remember that day for many reasons. From the experience of sharing in their journey, to even starting a healing journey with my sister*friend Heather, who helped me with sound healing.

Two Priestesses walking in the cove of Orange Blossoms after an incredible soundhealing cacao ceremony. Life is better in Love.

Two Priestesses walking in the cove of Orange Blossoms after an incredible soundhealing cacao ceremony. Life is better in Love.

To dancing in the orange blossom trees.. And to getting to be a part of two lover’s story; who I honestly now consider friends. Best of all though, I’m witnessing the world wake up to the possibilities of expanded love - love that is boundless and free.

That’s a Ceremony I can support.
That’s a world I want to see..

How about you? What sort of union are you in? Are you loving freely? Inspired and delighted by the person you choose every day?

I’m curious! Are there any rites of passages you’d like to celebrate through a ceremony of your heart’s desires? Creatively coming together in Consciousness to express your journey in a sacred way.

It’s important.

Here are the words Beautiful Malyssa wrote:

((That I prayed into the cacao
For the two souls to drink
Together in Harmony.))

May your every step be filled with intention

Every intention filled with the breath of spirit

May your eyes reflect the pure light of your soul

May your heart deepen in compassion and love with each sunrise and sunset

With each new day may you be filled with hope and gratitude

May we always remember to pray may we trust that each prayer will be received and answered More beautifully and miraculously then we could ever imagine

May spirit paint a canvas of light through our every movement

May we always remember the love, tenderness and innocence underneath all life’s opportunities cleverly masked as challenges.

May we always return home to the truth to and the unconditional love That is woven through all of creation.

So it is Spoken

And so it is.

Hannah Marie Muse