The Water Temple Welcoming

A temple is a space where people come to pray.

A temple is a space where the Divine Lives.

I had found a Temple to call Home nestled away in the heart of Santa Monica and my body was excited. I knew that I had landed somewhere with the actual potential to nurture my blossoming heart and business.
This space, this incredible, magical, and mansion like space - was where I wanted to water myself into a fuller version of love.

Imagine walking into a home full of warmth and ease. As you move through the living room and its jungle plants, you step down into the dining room with its windows and table to host friends..through the small kitchen (thank Goddess Iā€™m a smoothie//juice drinking Queen)) and into the bedroom that is made of full wood.

And wait ā€” you look to the left and behind two wooden doors with large glass panes you see it.

An indoor hot tub and pool fit for a God//dess themselves.

And that was it. This space had a water temple in it and I was a water priestess. A whole room dedicated to water, to washing, to cleansing the soul, and to the rebirth of each person who stepped in.

A water temple fit for a Queen to come spend the day. A water temple fit for blessing the waters of the Earth.

Gratitude filled my heart and ideas began to flood my mind now that I have found my home. A place to live in ease and share my passion for ceremony, for water, for community.

At the first Pisces New Moon Event where an intimate circle gathered to share in celebrating the dark moon - we prayed over the waters, we prayed for the seas, and we all gathered together in the warmth of an infrared spa to connect and collaborate on what it was that gave us passion in life.

What a dream.

Inquire about your own private water ceremony or use of the space through contacting me on my website.
Aho and Blessings, Beauty.

Hannah Marie Muse