Authentic Relating

30 students. 20 hours. 2 days.

A month ago when I signed up for a two day, authentic relating workshop, little did I realize it was actually the answer to my prayers. You see, I have studied authentic relating, tantra, and non-violent communication all before. I, however, had not always kept up within the community.

So, when a girlfriend of mine made a shout-out to our girl squad asking if anyone wanted to go with her I was an immediate YES. A yes because I had been missing my raw-thentic (that’s raw and authentic, btw) connections with people. The human fragility of loving strangers fiercely and of sharing the unedited truth of what is happening in life is something that sets my soul on fire.. getting to share that experience with a loved one sounded next level.

Why then an answer to my prayers? Why such a dramatic need to actually make it to this course? Some might say it was the planets, the astrological forecasts that had been wreaking havoc in my life. Others might share that “it’s in the field” and the whole planet is going through it.. for me, I think it’s a mix between my Saturn Return, the epic and dramatic saga that is my Family movie, and a little dip into the dark and murky waters of my shadow self.

Hallelujah. The truth has set me free. Having bought my ticket in January, the weekend had arrived in the absolute knick of time to remind me of my passion and purpose on this planet..

and most importantly: to remind me that I was not alone in the desire to live with a warm and open heart in a world that can sometimes be so cold.

If you are not familiar with authentic relating it is a series of exercises and communication tools that allows people to get to know themselves authentically. Obviously. The bonus is that when a person is speaking from a place of true authenticity it allows any communication two or more people are having to actually deepen the inherent intimacy present. This experience is compacted and made even more profound because it is glittered with people from all walks of life that are just as excited to witness themselves, their patterns, their outdated behaviors and have a true desire to live a life that is more vulnerable and aligned with their values. It’s an incredible experience to be witnessed in FULL HUMAN EXPRESSION and loved through every little bit of it.

The simple guidelines of: 1. Welcome Everything. 2. Assume Nothing. 3. Reveal Your Experience. 4. Own Your Experience. 5. Honor Self, Honor Other are SO powerful that even without two days worth of information on how to do that or why you can clearly see how living by these guidelines could change the world. Imagine being able to fully own your experience and communicate your true feelings to the people closest to your. Imagine being able to share your needs at work without feeling tension or stress at how you’ll be received? There is so much power in clear and compassionate communication I am dedicated to sharing this wisdom with as many people as possible.

For me, I had a rough start to the year. Seriously, I wanted January to ‘set the tone of 2019.’ My imagination desired for me to float through January, each day being more and more productive and enlightening to anchor in the energy of creative expansion. WRONG> I was wrong. It was messy, it was dark, some days seemed endless, some days disappeared.. and over all, I felt lonely, exhausted, and desperately spread too thin. Right when I was about to let it all go.

I woke up. I woke up to my trainings, my friends, my community, and my desire to change the world. Low and behold the next few days gave me a chance to really drop into communication with Spirit which reminded me that even my ‘dips into dread’ were planned social experiments for my soul to further know it’s self and to carry even stronger medicine to those on similar journeys. I trusted myself. I had stabilized and handled everything I could possible handle.. and I surrendered all that I couldn’t back to God.

And when I made it to the other side of my personal mountain — there was my Authentic Relating weekend waiting for me with open arms. A true hug from the universe. From the moment I arrived I felt at home. People were grinning, giving compliments, sharing vulnerable about how anxiety comes up before these big events, how exciting felt in the air.. and I couldn’t have felt more settled into my body than I had in weeks. All the shame I felt about what I had been going through melted away as we began sharing answers to questions like: “If you really knew me you’d know..” or “What brought me here is my value of..” We learned ways to truly listen to another person without needing to respond.. and we learned ways to respond in compassion! So much gentleness, so much sweetness. Magic.

The ability to share about my family, my hurts, my pains.. and to have people truly LISTEN and not just BLAB on about what they “THINK” they should respond too, actually changed my life.

The whole weekend was a teary eyed, laughter-filled, medicine journey — except there was no medicine required beyond courage to stand in the full integrity of who you truly are.

WOW. If you are feeling ready to communicate on deeper levels with all of those people in your life, I highly recommend checking out authentic relating games near you. These games might seem strange at first, but once you get the hang of it, the high is better than anything else. Who knew loving support could feel so good? Especially from strangers.. who after only 2 days, seem more like family.

I’m so grateful for my journey back home to my own heart. After not being in community like this, it was so refreshing to find my people and to be seen as the Radiant Muse I truly am. We are never alone. My story, my pains, my pleasures.. they might seem far from yours - but they are not. We might have taken different roads but our feelings are the same. Our fears are the same! Our desires to be loved and seen.. are the same.

And that’s what authentic relating continues to remind me — is that we are all in this together. All One. And all we want is Love.

Are you interested in learning more about Authentic Relating? Or perhaps you want to experience it with your partner or friends? Stay tuned on my website’s event page for upcoming Authentic Relating game nights at my home OR reach out to me to discuss how relating in a more powerful and authentic way can change your life. It’s my absolute pleasure and mission to get as many people as possible relating in these ways! and it’s a practice.. so the more we say yes to trying, the easier it gets and the more other people are excited to give it a go.

May you continue to remember your worthiness to be loved unconditionally. May you continue to remember your perfection and your delightful divinity so carefully intertwined with your human fragility. May you come to know yourself and to allow your own growth and transformation to be graceful, easy, and fun.

I love you, Muses. Keep inspiring the world with your deep connections. Your open heart. Your authenticity. and Your Radiance.


Hannah Marie

Hannah Marie Muse