Super Full Moon Ceremony

I’d been calling in a Kambo Ceremony for a few months now, continually hearing about them in my circle and yet never aligning due to timing.


Because when I finally did get the RIGHT call — I ended up at exactly the right place.

With exactly the right people

In a ceremony unlike any I’d done before.

And this post is here to share with you how exactly my experience was and the different levels of healing I had through this serendipitous ceremony on the Full Moon. Read on if you’re interested in the medicine in anyway and reach out if you have any questions or desire to sit/work together/integrate/heal/grow/radiate! haha Carry on now, Muses. It’s a long post! So if you don’t feel called to make it through the whole thing, please at least scroll to the end where a Powerful Transmission from the ceremony is written out — and a powerful prayer to support you in claiming your own divine right to be free from fear and anxiety!

The angels had truly smiled upon me.

Last night, under the light of the Super Full Moon in Virgo — I decorated myself in my favourite whites and adorned the sacred purple throne of my third eye with golden flecks and a bindi. I was to sit in ceremony with a beloved new friend, held in the loving arms of four beautiful Goddesses who were quick to become my allies. A ceremony that started the moment I signed up where I could feel the energetic shifts already happening as my keen third eye had become aware of so much in my life ready to be released. The journey to this point was absolutely miraculous - a treasure hunt of sorts that guided me from one clue to the next on the map of my journey here on Earth. Each twist and turn of my personal plot another chapter in a life that I have deemed Incredibly Sacred. <— That’s by choice, of course.

I want to get into the HOW I got to this place but I feel like that story is for another time. If you know me though, you can imagine that it was a number of events where I threw logic out the window and followed my heart into places, towards people, and magic — in order to live an ever more exciting time. You’ll notice through my blogs and videos that is one of the major quality of being a Muse and that has kept me on course for greatness, mystery, adventure, and love. again and again. I can help you get there, love. Once you’re ready to let go of monotony and say yes to the spiciness of mother’lovin’ (kinda scary because who ever knows whats gonna happen but so worth the butterfly feeling) freedom. ;) Here we glow:

Kambo - Ceremony - Perfection

Like I said, I’d been dreaming up a ceremony for quite some time - especially because I feel myself serving this medicine in the very soon future and knew I needed a reset as I stepped into the next level of my own personal service. Beyond some physical ailments I had been experiencing like lethargy and wanting to clear out my liver, I knew I needed to spiritually release a few “demons.” If you’re anything like me you can tell when something is “off” about ze energy in your heart — and I could really tell due to my reactions and actions in life — reaching towards things that I knew weren’t healthy - not expressing myself fully in relationships. It was time to look my ‘ugly’ in the eye and purge it. PLUS, the ceremony was the day before (today!) where I am taking a huge leap and launching my newest website with my most aligned services and offerings. I knew I wanted to come into this next experience as clear and full of light as possible.

The ceremony helped me with just that.

My intention was very strong going in and from the moment I arrived I was offered opportunity after opportunity to step in the sacred space of my heart and live in compassionate, loving presence. What this ceremony symbolized for me was rebirth and dedication to living my great purpose on this planet. My purpose is to guide men and women back home to their hearts. To allow the energy of the Muse to flow through my veins and poetically inspire anyone around me to living life in beauty, ease, grace, and flow. As a female in this time it is my mission to live empowered, awake, and courageously — doing what I know is best for myself and my community. The codes of the feminine are here and we are all waking up to a new way of being - a softer way of being, a gentler way of living, and a more harmonious balance between the masculine active force and the feminine receptivity. My sensuality is a soothing balm to all the pleasure we have been forbidden to discover and my sovereignty is an act of sacred rebellion.

Can you relate ladies? Growing up I was told who to be, how to act, how to live, who to love, and how to walk in this world. Damned if I did and damned if I didn’t - I often felt like I was ‘too much’ or made to be some man’s pretty young thing. Not meant to be pleased but only to please others. Ooof. In the past I found myself very confused around what being a female was all about.

That’s changed. It had been for a long while and last night, for me, was a huge chapter closing out for me as I embark on this fully embodied phase of life where I CLAIM ALL OF ME.

Here’s some deets from the ceremony:

As we started the ceremony and dropped into meditation I was immediately comforted by my own soul presence and the group that had come together. My beautiful sisterfriend, Gloria joined me for her first ceremony and it was an honor to be there for myself and to support her journey. She is a true Goddess and transcended in ease and grace.

Since I had sat before I knew intuitively where to get my points and felt like the session would be easy. I was right. Once we began I walked up after Gloria, so that we could be in the experience together, and asked for my points on my solar plexus and neck. Time to clear out the blocks to my absolutely KNOWING that I am strong, powerful, and on purpose. The solar plexus is where we have our WILL-POWER and the throat is our CREATIVE COMMUNICATION. I desired the ability to release any doubt and to communicate my truth in ease — yes!

After my points, I immediately felt the rush of poison into my heart. I could hear my heart beating so loudly, like amazonian drums, reminding me of my purpose. It felt so good to hear my own HEART so loudly - like a dedication to her dreams and visions claiming their place here on Earth within me. The poison seeped through my body all the way down to my yoni portal where the heat of the poison cleansed my womb. That was a new experience! After all my ceremonies I’d never had such a potent clearing in my vagina and I knew that it meant something big.

“I am sovereign unto my own. I am holy. Only Love is welcome here.”

Those word kept repeating in my mind as my hands became number and paralyzed. The healing was happening all throughout my body as I committed myself to my breath and let the medicine do its work.

The clearly was quick. The session less painful than ever before. My mind so clear immediately as to the distortions I had carried and was about to release through my purge.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. It’s safe to be who you are. It’s safe to CLAIM your mission on this planet and to live out loud.

After a heavy and gentle purge I laughed and cried at the magnificence of being human. I laughed and cried at my journey which started 10 years ago in a yoga class of Chicago where I began my remembering of who I was and why I was here.

I LOVE THIS LIFE. I love the medicine - I”M SO GRATEFUL for the support of the plant kingdom, of men and women who are doing the work. Of beautiful people looking to better themselves and be vulnerable together. I mean, goodness, I just purged with six other people in a house somewhere in NoHo. People were there to stop drinking, to communicate better, to face their demons, to be the LIGHT.

And to come together in humility that we are all not perfect and yet so delightfully amazing.. I’m just moved!

My clearing was quick. My message was concise. That’s taken me time as I’ve been committed to ceremonies for years now.. and that’s the point - Life gets easier to manage when one is dedicated to living in the heart and through compassion.

As the ceremony wrapped up and I saw reflections of myself in every. single. person. there… I reveled in the opportunity to be a MUSE and to live a life that is in service to the evolution of all people. It’s an honor to be stepping into great levels of self-mastery because I KNOW that I have an effect on those around me.

We all do. We are all connected and when one person wakes up the people closest to them start to as well. When I heal - the world heals. When you heal - the world heals. It’s a gift to be here now as the People of Earth start to seriously look around and say “hmm, something isn’t right. Maybe we don’t need poverty.. and why is our government taking advantage of us.. and there’s so much abundance why are people starving?” That is not natural. The earth is place for GOOD and GRACE and celebration and it’s up to use to embody that and change how things are so we can all be celebrating the good life together.

This ceremony gave me the chance to end a chapter and start a new one. That is why ceremony is SO important. As a ceremonialist, I see the importance of honoring the end and beginnings of cycles.. because otherwise we might not realize how fucking exciting it is to succeed. It’s like a video game. It’s fun to win one level - to get all the coins - to eat the mushroom and level up.. Ceremonies all us to lay the past to rest in Reverence! and to embody the next level of the game with the wisdom of each level past.

Today is a beautiful day. Where Hannah Marie Muse steps even more into her purpose of pleasure, of peace, and of divine presence.

Today is a beautiful day where I say YES in an even more BOLD way - to living life on my terms according to my dreams and my heart’s true calling. The ceremony gave me a chance to let go of any last residual fears as I put myself out there in an even greater way - and today I feel so blessed to be sharing all of me, with you.

As a leader, I too feel fear and anxiety — knowing how to handle it is a part of being a Muse. We must choose to dispel any negativity in our lives through right action and asking for support. I know my True Self is pure Love — so when anything other than LOVE is within me, it’s time to take action and move that energy back into the LIGHT. It happens - it’s natural - and it’s a choice that I make, that you can make too, to continue to do the sacred work of alchemical transformation.

Finally: Here is what channeled through me after the ceremony was complete. I hope it touches your heart and soul and shakes any dust of your eyes and the mantle of your heart. Your energy and presence is needed now. Your love is powerful.

There is an epidemic happening. IT’s not a war anymore. Release the Idea of WAR from your body - battle nothing. Come back to the breath and Live in Love.

Your soul, your spirit, your Spark

is being manipulated into fear and pain.

It is a choice though.

Awaken to your power to choose.

Remember your power to CHOOSE.

Let your Freedom, Your Sovereignty, Your Commitment to

Passion, Pleasure, & Play

Be your Sacred Act of Rebellion

Transform the world through your Love!

Stake your claim on Joy. Now.

Let not your mind be hijacked by those that would use your Spirit and Energy for Self-Gain. Your fears are an illusion.

Your power is unparalleled.

Claim all of yourself. Your Body, Your Mind, Your SPIRIT. Claim all of yourself -

and KNOW yourself as Holy.

Only LOVE is welcome here. ONLY LOVE is welcome here.

Prayer for you to repeat to yourself, one hand on your heart and the other held up towards the sky.

I am an emissary of Light * and my presence on this Earth matters.

I am a sacred vessel of Holy LOVE * and I claim my power, my purity, my innocence, my pleasure, my happiness, my integrated wholeness, my heart, my body, my mind and my spirit!

I claim NOW.

I choose to be FREE. Where there was once fear I now choose Faith. Where there was once anxiety I now choose Peace. I am fully responsible for myself and I choose to live in Unconditional Loving Kindness. I am awake. I am free and held in the light of Unity Consciousness - Protected by LOVE - Living in my heart and offering my Sacred Gifts of Ecstatic Bliss and Peaceful Presence to this planet in Joy. NOW.

I am sovereign. I trust my heart to guide me and I know that I am here on purpose. I chose this life to lead and to love and I do so with a smile in my heart. I am grateful for this remembrance of my power! I am grateful to know my choices are important and that I choose to be awake and to support the awakening of others.

Thank you Great Spirit for blessing me with the light of love and radiance. Thank you great Earth Mother for this incredible life of abundance, prosperity, and delight. Thank you Father Sky for your infinite wisdom and love. I am free. I am free. I am free. I am clear I am clear I am clear. I am whole I am whole I am whole! I am love.

Abracadabra and so it is.


Hannah Marie Muse