Babes & Boudior

I believe the art of ritual supports people of the modern age in reconnecting to the sacredness of each moment. An otherwise mundane act of say getting ready in the morning or making tea, can be turned into an act rich with intention and profound meaning.

Granted we are all human creatures moving quickly through our days to stay up to date on how fast the whole world is evolving -

and yet the simplicity of a deep breath and prayer over your water each morning can have a huge affect on your body, mind, and spirit connection — not to mention that you are then imbibing all those precious vibes! ((Way to glow))

So when I signed up for a boudoir photoshoot nonchalantly at first I was really hard on my self.

“What the actual fuck, Hannah, why are you wasting time with this superficial act. You put the dog at doggy hotel and you’re paying money to get your photos taken? Who do you even think you are~?! This is absolutely unnecessary and a waste of time.”

Wow. It was getting pretty rough in there. I gave my mind a break by focusing on my breath and coming back into focus. What is my intention here. What is this higher purpose to doing this.

And then it dawned on me.

The act of embodying ones higher self IS a high form of magic and ritual. Through the art of photography, of beauty, and the ritual of putting make-up on one’s face in the name of beauty and reverence for the Goddess within — THAT, my dear, is a huge ritual in and of itself.

So I chose my best clothes and I put my make up on to embody the woman I desire - to live in the confidence, the compassion, and the clarity that a true Leader embodies and shares — and I went to my photoshoot full of delight and pleasure.

I am worthy

I am worthy

I am worthy

As my stylist did my hair I spoke of my dreams. I shared with her my vision for empowering women everywhere to speak their minds confidently and to live fully expressed. I shared my intention of creating sensual dinner parties and sensational events for women to come together and practice FULL and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It was a beautiful experience of surrendering to life and allowing my own bliss-ipline to create something magical out of what could be quite ordinary and blase.

After the ritual of getting ready I showed up in full power to the shoot. I was late due to my own miscalculations on time and yet the women there were so uplifting. I found out that the studio is owned by a couple that had no idea or plan to ever travel the world and take photographs.

A perfect reminder to follow your heart!

What started out as a side-hustle and fun way for them to connect turned into their passion and full time jobs! Talk about inspiring.

The shoot was so much fun. Changing outfits, loving my body, feeling GOOD. By the end of the experience I was absolutely glowing and ready to connect more deeply to everyone. I made my way to a sweet little Earth Cafe and was in such a jolly mood I made friends with the cashier. She and I talked positive psychology and how to leave the world a better place.

All in all, my day turned out transformative and enlightening. So much so, that I even went to my best friends house (literally ended up being on the way home - thanks universe!) and had some of the most profound conversations about transformation, meditation, and living our live’s dharma.

Through embodying my highest confidence and saying YES to the woman I am making space for in my life through the art of photography and beauty I ended up having the most enlightening day.

This is what the art of ritual and ceremony is all about, ladies. How many mundane tasks do you partake in everyday? From the laundry, to washing the dishes — from makeup and getting dressed to making dinner.. By practicing the intentional art of ritual and ceremony each moment of life is made purely miraculous. Each moment is an opportunity to connect to something bigger than yourself!

In what ways can you take every day tasks and turn them into profound spiritual experiences? I have a few ideas and I’d love to share them with you! Reach out to me if you’re interested in taking my Elemental Priestess course where we use both the Elementals and the art of ritual and ceremony to create every day magick. It is of such great value to live a life full of meaning and depth! I’m excited to share this wisdom with you and to witness you and your imagination as you wake up to even more ways to make everyday a little more magic.

In beauty - both inner and outer!

Hannah Marie Muse

Hannah Marie Muse