Alternative Valentine's Day

I don’t know about you, but I can admit in full honesty that I’ve had my fair share of good and bad Valentine’s day experiences. From heart-shaped hot tubs to drunken break-ups.. In the past, Valentine’s Day was always a hit or miss for me. This year things have been completely different though. And by completely, I mean *completely.*

This year for Valentine’s Day I taught a yoga class and then took my best friend out on a rocking movie date. I watched my friend’s dog, ate macaroons, and cooked an epic vegan meal in my tall socks and underwear. I called my mom, I talked to my best friends on the phone, I cried, I danced, and I sang. IT WAS AMAZING. I drank turmeric latte’s and only once did I freak out because I literally took *the whole day off to have fun.* Wow. I skipped through downtown parks and ate a heart-shaped cupcake from a stranger. How was this year so different from the others? Why does it even matter?  

For me, having a totally alternative Valentine’s Day was a huge success. And by alternative I mean -- I didn’t expect my “partner” to swag me out -- instead, I hung out with a man that, although I’m not sexually intimate with - I’m completely in love with. At first I felt strange because it wasn’t all ‘froo-froo’ bullshit. There were not a dozen roses, there was no sex.. There was no man buying me a bunch of stuff in an effort to schmooz me.. And there was hardly any confrontation.

Rather, this year, there was casual friendship, beautiful and uplifting conversations, and a whole lotta self-love.  It felt so good to be seen and appreciated, reciprocated to even. In the past I had incredibly high romantic dreams and desires that I also felt were ‘too much’ and didn’t feel safe communicating them or heck, even worthy receiving them. How silly the amount of pressure one MADE UP day can put on people. I feel very apologetic to my partners in the past for all the crazy demands and incoherence.

With the success of my alternative Valentine’s Day I’m curious to see how else I can be more “alternative” in life. Why do I feel like I need to ‘follow the rules’ when they clearly don’t work for me! We live in world where quite anything is possible. All it takes is realizing that you create your reality and if you can dream into what you truly desire and trust yourself and the universe enough to have it - you will! IT’s so much fun to remember that you can have your cake and eat it too. Have the friends, the partner, the dream job and the multiple orgasms.. Just set the clear intention and get outta your own way (those pesky beliefs from society and our parents ((for me the church))). Stop letting other people tell you how to live! Follow your happiness <3

Can you relate? Have you ever tried to fit into a holiday or a season or heck even office attire just because you thought that was what you were supposed to do? How much discomfort can one person put up with before trying something new?

For me, this year I knew I wanted to be surrounded by Love and Kindness. I wanted to get on the V-train and at least participate. I ALSO knew that I couldn’t play by the ordinary rules..

So we made up our own. And it was so much fun!

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Did you rock the traditional way to celebrate -- (which, go girl if you did! I fully support all dreams and fairytales and prescribe people to whatever THEIR highest excitement is)?

Or did you make up your own way to play?

Either way, did you make your heart a priority and ensure that you were practicing self-love first and foremost? Cause that’s where it all starts, eh!?

Share in the comments how your year was and ways you can practice honoring yourself self a little bit everyday -- because why not celebrate love everyday in every possible way?


With a butterfly kiss and a pink cupcake,

Hannah Marie Muse

Hannah Marie Muse