First LA Christmas

I didn’t make it home for Christmas this year and so I naturally woke up a little grey. The sky in Los Angeles seemed to match my mood with a hazy cloud coverage and chilly nip. I had planned a beautiful day for myself though, so quickly got up from bed and sat down in my favourite nook of the house - what I like to call, my Shakti Spot, where my sheep skin rugs and heater invited me into a meditative seat right away. Grounding into my seat I was intuitively guided to grab my drum and sing a song of gratitude.

“I’m grateful for this day, Goddess, grateful for this day. This beautiful, this beautiful, this beautiful day! This beautiful, this magickal, this wonderful day.”

Each verse I changed a little bit..

“I’m grateful for this body, Goddess, grateful for this body. This beautiful, this healthy, this strong body. This healing, this holy, this happy body.”

And I let myself be soothed by the steady rhythm of the drum and intiutively guided words.

I had sung this song in many forms before. At dinner parties as we blessed food, at womens gatherings all over the world.. And on the eve of Christma Eve at a Musuem of Women in Orange County, California where we were blessed with the bounty of a full blown Christmas Lunch in celebration of Christmas, Jesus, and his mother Mary.

I know the power of gratitude and I know the power of song.. Together I felt waves of beauty ripple through my body within what seemed like an eternity, although it was only a few minutes.

When I opened my eyes, still singing, I saw for the very first time a hummingbird sitting on a tree outside. I knew this was a messenger of love that the Goddess was listening and that I could, in fact, surrender to the divine guidance within.

What a beautiful way to start Christmas Eve. The excitement from the experience got me motivated to fully enjoy myself regardless of if I saw my family in the physical or not, so I lept up to go to the gym. Little did I realize that I was so blissed out I forgot to grab my keys and subsequently locked myself out of my apartment! OH DRAT. I held the anger and frustration at having done this twice in two months. Rather than let my negativity weigh me down though, I looked for the good:

“What if the man who unlocks my door needs this money more than I do? Maybe he spent all his money on his kids for Christmas..!”

So I continued to come back to the present moment and let the frustration subside. Yes, I locked myself out. I couldn’t do anything about that besides surrender and stay in my flow! After calling a number of locksmiths I had someone planned to meet after the gym and ya know what, when he arrived he was such a sweet man. It was a better experience for both of us than I had even imagined! He was so grateful to receive from me, and my automatic frustration and lack mentality at having to spend the money was quickly erased at the opportunity to support another human in living their best lives.

What’s the point of this story?

Christmas is a time of year where we celebrate Jesus Christ coming down to Earth as an ambassador of divine and perfect love. Some of us still get all caught up in the shopping and consumerism, which is great, give those gifts away baby (seriously, send ‘em my way! I love presents!).

The reality though, is that Mother Mary - his sweet mama bear! - had an immaculate conception and birthded a new type of balanced and respectful man, name Jesus. What a muse that woman was! Now, if you’re familiar with the world back before the Christ was born you’d realize that women were still thought of as property; while rape, violence, and mutiny were all still quite prevalent. Through the blessing of an Angel

Which I like to think of as Divine Knowing, an out-of-this-world-idea, or even a fucking wish upon a star,

She was asked to conceive a holy child. Can you imagine as a woman in that era, having the prayer in your heart to change the world for all your lady friends who were being owned, assaulted, and suppressed, so that someday men and women could live in harmony? In my studies I have found that her saying YES to birthing a new kind of man allowed for the MASSES (christ-mass) to awaken to a whole new level of consciouness that involved respect, community, and unconditional love. What an inspiration. What a courageous heart! She had support  though. Her hubby, those wise men, the acts of kindness from strangers.

Phew! I want to remind all of you that we are each capable of the same kind of unconditional love and miracles that Jesus himself was born with. We were just as capable of the miracles he was a channel for -- and like Mary who was capable of immaculate conception - you are also capable of hearing the angels whisper wisdom down to you for you to create the life of your dreams, the baby of your dreams, the family of your dreams. In the bible it states: John 14:12 (CEBA) I assure you that whoever believes in me will do the works that I do. They will do even greater works than these …

This is an incredible gift. Jesus does not claim to be the only person capable of these feats. He claims that by believing in the ESSENCE or the SPIRIT of his gifts, of his teachings, we are capable to make great change, even greater change than he! It’s believe in the SPIRIT that inspires greatness, not the man.

It’s all an incredible story that’s symbolic of your everyday living. You are a prefect and holy replication of the face of God/Goddess, I am presence. You receive information from your higher selves and angels every day. Some of us see our angels, others of us hear them.. Regardless, your intuition and connection to source is alive and well: just believe ((like in Santa Claus! haha)). Through this commitment to yourself, your desires, and your pure heart you are also capable of creating (through immaculate conception) anything you desire. All things come from no-thing. Your imagination truly is your greatest tool. AND we live in a time where YOU have the support, the tools, and the assistance to make anything happen. I bet there’s a dream you desire to bring into form right now, living in your heart.. And if you slow down and breathe into it you’ll realize that the help you need is only a minute away from you asking.

So! In the name of Christmas - may we all remember the perfect and harmonious Divine Feminine/Masculine Christ Consciousness that inspired the masses to live in Unconditional Love and remembrance of their connection to something greater than themselves. May you love yourself more WHOLLY, may you bless your family with your presence! And may we all remember the power we have to birth anything we dream of into reality. Just like our sweet Mother Mary who knew supported the Divine Feminine Rising through the birthing of the Divine Masculine.



And so it is.

From my heart to yours,

Hannah Marie Muse

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