Hannah Marie is a Priestess of the Healing Arts who works with successful men & women as they return to their awakened pleasure and authenticity.

Hannah believes that the power of living connected to one's true nature is absolutely essential in living a harmonious life. She knows that in order to be a leader it is absolutely essential to be grounded in connection to your body, your pleasure, and truth. Otherwise, how do you lead in love?

Hannah has supported men & women of all shapes and sizes connect to their femininity through her somatic and art therapy sessions, bodywork, medicine work, and spiritual guidance.

From the High Priestess of Bali to stay at home mums.. She adores working with any one ready to return home to her unconditionally loving heart. A-list celebrities, grammy award winners, and even successful CEO's come to Hannah to rejuvenate and reconnect to their powerful presence and passion for life.

Hannah is a trained Reiki Master/Teacher, decade practiced massage therapist, yoga instructor, ordained Priestess, and healer. Having traveled the world and acquired certifications from schools from Thailand to Costa Rica - her varied modalities all find their way to integrate perfectly into the divine journey each woman needs.

However, none of these trainings are as important as, what Hannah calls, Life University. Her greatest wisdom comes from living a very profound life, full of great tragedies such as death and addiction, to incredible triumphs such as miraculous bodily healings, such as supporting the regulation of the female cycle, to emotional availability, that supports deepening the intimacy one experiences with self and other.  When you are able to connect deeply to others, you can lead from a more compassionate and loving place. You feel nourished by the people in your life and are fully accepting of yourself which creates a foundation of absolute self-love.

If you are ready to live a life that is nourishing, playful, and full of pleasure, contact Hannah today to begin your journey back home to Wholeness and Grace.


  • Global Ceremonialist & Yoga Instructor

  • Goddess of the healing arts 10 years

  • Licensed Massage Therapist for 7 years

  • Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Shamanic Studies with Sacred Plant Medicines

  • Temple and Ritual Dancer

  • Tribal Tantra Shamanic & Somatic Healing Level 1 graduate

  • Yogini – Yoga Practitioner for 10 years